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Spring Sprung

What a time it has been. In late December, while visiting beautiful Sante Fe, my knee started acting up.  The problem grew, eventually consuming my energy as I tried to resolve my inability to move very well. My painting suffered a great deal. I am happy to report both knees are now in good shape and I am – thankfully – back in the studio.

My first foray with WEST Austin Studio Tour had a strong showing and I am grateful to have sold some pieces. I am happy that my art can bring some joy to others. I often reflect on why I am an artist and what I am accomplishing in the studio. We don’t create this art in a vacuum, my goal is to have it shared and to bring beauty to the viewer.  Brian Rutenberg, an NYC artist I follow, says that artists “give the gift of looking” and we ask the viewer to slow down and actually LOOK. In this busy, fast-paced world, that is a real gift to be able to give. I am grateful.

So I have been working a lot and this is one of the more recent pieces in-process.  I am also working on some high contrast tree structures inspired by some photos from Steamboat Springs CO.  I am still not sure what I am doing most days in the studio! But it sure does feel good.

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