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Studio #217 @ Canopy

So jazzed that I finally have a studio at the Canopy complex on Springdale in East Austin. I am sharing a space with the fabulous Lucy MacQueen, another acrylic painter. She is a brilliant painter of water and firescapes and a really fun person! Come visit us – we love to have studio visits!

Next door to us we have Kristy Battani, Cathy Savage of PrintAustin fame, and Cheryl Finfrock. At the risk of channeling the Lego Movie, “everything is AWESOME” in my corner here!

The best thing is that I have a window!! First time ever for my studio space (outside of my home studio area.) What a difference it makes. I have a view of a gorgeous tree – a spruce?? Not sure. But I love watching the view go by the window.

Lucy and I are figuring out the space and having a movable display wall built. This “unit” will give us semi-privacy for our painting areas, while offering flexible display space for our Canopy Open Studio events.

Speaking of those, there are 9 every year. Many, but not all, Canopy artists participate. Always a Friday evening, lots of beautiful art to share. Calendar one of these dates and come out! Here is the line up:


  • January 18 (Passed)

  • March 1

  • April 19

  • June 7

  • July 19

  • September 6

  • October 18

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