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Solid Trunk found a home with Jim Butler

My acrylic painting, Solid Trunk, has found its “forever home” with Jim Butler. Thanks Jim! We joked that his purchase of this piece will allow me to continue renting my studio-share at 5305 Bolm Road.

Starting September 1st, I have been sharing a small studio with an encaustic artist, Rothko Hauschildt. There is no AC, no heat, no WiFi but it has running water and a bathroom. I love it!

There is enough space to work on 2 to 3 larger canvas (3 feet x 5 feet). AND I can be as messy as need be. This is very different from my home studio, which also doubles as our guest bedroom. I am grateful to Cindy Debold for pointing my way to get connected with Rothko.

Bolm Road includes a community of artists and is located near Canopy and Pump Project. The wildly popular East Austin Studio Tour will move through Bolm Road studios for two weekends this November 14-15 & 21-22. I am eager to have art ready to share and hopefully sell. Stay tuned!

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