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Self-directed residency is at the mid-point!

Over the past year, the size of my canvas’ has been getting larger. So I decided to push this direction a bit and embark on a short, six week residency. My current studio can’t accommodate more than one large canvas, bu my artist friend Bill Kolb has graciously lent me some studio space.

I started with 9 12X12 small studies to work on palette selection and composition. I stopped while they were “still interesting” and not quite complete.

I wrapped the selected studies with plastic, with a grid overlay to help in the transfer to the bigger canvas.

Then I moved onto the larger 48X48 canvas’. I am using Golden fluid acrylics which are divine in their coverage and richness of color. I am using Purdy paint brushes to lay down the first layers in big, bold strokes. So much fun!

The work moved quickly at first, but as usual, it has slowed down as I start to really “work” the space on the canvas. I have three more weeks to complete all this. The first three weeks showing up at the studio has been spotty. Life has gotten in the way ie Nick got a concussion (oy) and working around the unstructured “summer” schedule. But I am looking forward to the last two weeks when I will be able to dedicate large swaths of time to the work. Fingers crossed and wish me luck! Below are some images of works “In progress!”

More on Residencies

Typically, an artist residency is a place (usually secluded) where visual artists or other creative professionals go to produce work for an extended amount of time. You can learn more about the “world of residencies” here:

Artist residencies can be an incredible way to expand and improve your art practice. And I am hoping that this month will do just that.

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