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Painting at the Cape

A great deal has happened since I posted last. A recent quilted piece was sold during the Hyde Park Grill show. Coalescing is now in the collection of Lee Parsley (thanks Lee!)

I happily donated a piece to the annual Trinity Episcoal School auction and patrons Susan and Chris Mack were the winners! My new friend, Missy Stritmatter, saw my work at Blue Dahlia. At her request, I donated a piece to the Ronald McDonald House annual fundraiser (it always helps to ask!). Finally, some older news, one of my pieces won a ribbon at the 2014 Barnstable County Fair. This piece was the start of a new “theme” and is now in the collection of good friends Catherine Prendergast and John Tubbs from Illinois.

This summer, the plan has been to enjoy the wonderful seaside AND paint up a storm. Well, we are half way through our time here and one out of two isn’t bad. My current work, in process, has been posted on FB. Do check it out and be sure to “like” FlemingsArt so I can keep in better touch with you.

Happy summer 2015!!

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