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Orchid Blooming in Private Collection

I am so excited to share that Kathi and Neill Masterson have purchased Orchid Blooming for their new home in Lost Creek.  They have been living with the work since this past spring, and it is looking beautiful hanging over their fireplace.

This piece was created in partnership with Royal Honeycomb.  I started with a gold ground and was sucked into the luciousness of that color.  The purple flowed from the brush in broad swaths, contrasted with the hints of teal and orange, infusing a vibrant energy into the piece.  The reflectiveness of the gold paint causes the piece to shimmer and colors shift as you view it from different angles.  This was most apparent to the Masterson’s while they were choosing a permanent location for the piece.   As is common, the light in certain rooms brought out different elements of the work.  However, because of the gold under-painting, I think it was more pronounced in this piece.  When they eventually settled on the family room, they saw richer and varied versions of the paint colors appear.  Fun!

Kathi discovered this piece during my show at the Trianon Cafe last spring.  She enjoyed multiple cups of coffee as she contemplated the work, eventually falling in love with it.  Be sure to come visit my current show at Amplify Credit Union downtown through November 29th.  They don’t serve coffee, but it is a friendly place with tables available to sit and view the works.  Enjoy!

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