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Amplify Credit Union show is up and running!

Hanging this show was a breeze.  Since I have shown at this venue before, I was familiar with the layout.  And the artist who had work on display, Jane Fier, had positioned the hanging wires at a great height for my pieces.  It was simple to move them closer together to create a grouping.   It was great to meet Jane and talk shop for a bit.  She had some great ideas about possible new venues and we agreed that the Creative Artists Society (CAS) was a good place to be a member.   I am so appreciative of CAS for maintaining the relationship with Amplify to allow me to hang my work there.

I love the brick wall in this venue, and the lighting is really good.  But the foot traffic here is not the right audience.   There are tables available for people to sit and view the art, but it really isn’t natural to “hang out” in a credit union!  I prefer venues that allow patrons to take some time with the work, and enjoy the piece, like a cafe or restaurant.  For these reasons, I think this will be the last time I hang a show here.  Really too bad, as they have been so terrific to work with!  So get down to Amplify CU at 607 Congress Avenue for the last show of Flemings works!

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