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New paintings from the studio

I have been reading Courage to Create by Rollo May (thank you for the referral Bob Abzug!)  Anyone interested in dissecting the creative process and understanding it a bit better would be interested in this oldie but goodie.  A concept from the book that really struck me is that anything truly new and innovative will destroy before it creates.  The new creation will remove old paradigms of thought or ways of seeing.  So destruction and creation are intricately linked together.  But it isn’t a deliberate outset to destroy, rather the intention is to find “new.” When this happens, the clouds part, emotions are heightened and previous ideas and concepts fall away naturally.  Although not without some tension.  Witness new prophets, or those who bring new thoughts, creative ideas into the mainstream.  Generally, people become threatened by new, or the possibility of new.  Maybe this is why many cutting edge artists are not completely accepted until they have passed away!  “New” challenges comfort and stability.  But “new” we must, or become dusty, dull and wasted.

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