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Artist Statement


Working through the searching process of layering, excavating and revealing, I create multi-layered paintings that evoke a sense of peace and beauty. Drawing from memories, moods and the paint combinations on my palette, I start with a loose composition of shapes transforming the piece through many stages.  Balancing intuition and intention with the very physical act of painting plus the right brain decisions required along the way, I strive to incorporate mark-making into my work while maintaining the energy of my first efforts.  Staying true to these first efforts allows me to stay in touch with my most authentic work.

More About Me

I was introduced to painting at age seven by my maternal grandmother and enjoyed private art lessons during my school years.  I hold a BFA in graphic design and an MA in Sociology. My studio is located in the Canopy artist complex at 916 Springdale Road in Austin.  I have lived in Austin since 2007. I am represented by Artworks Gallery in Austin, TX and Envy Interiors in Baton Rouge, LA


I am committed to a life making and celebrating art. I invite you to follow my work and exhibition schedule at, Flemings Art on Facebook and @ann_flemings_art on Instagram.

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