Artist Statement

In my work, I investigate how the layering of color, shape, and line creates depth and beauty. I am intrigued with making shapes that are covered up and then excavated and layered again to reveal new dimensions of the image. Often described as a colorist, my work is about finding light.  A consistent studio practice inspires and challenges me to breathe life into two-dimensional surfaces. I am pushing my work to a larger scale and a recognizable style.


Balancing the very physical act of art making with the right-brain decisions required along the way, I strive to make my most authentic marks. Drawing from memories, moods and the paint combinations on my palette, I start with a loose composition, which I cover, layer, remove, repaint and cover again, transforming the piece through many stages. Working through this searching process, I create multi-layered vistas reminiscent of things familiar.

More About Me

I was introduced to painting at age seven by my maternal grandmother and enjoyed private art lessons during my school years.  I hold a BFA in graphic design and an MA in Sociology. My studio is located in the Canopy artist complex at 916 Springdale Road in Austin.  I have lived in Austin since 2007.


I am excited by the work of painters like Alice Sheridan, Brian Rutenberg and Hannah Bureau and inspired by the vibrant community of artists who call Austin home.  I am committed to a life making and celebrating art. I invite you to follow my work and exhibition schedule at, Flemings Art on Facebook and @ann_flemings_art on Instagram.