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I am a Canvas Rebel!

So jazzed to have been contacted by Canvas Rebel for an interview. Was lots of fun! You can read the whole thing here.

You know, talking about your process and experiences that have molded your artistic development is very healthy. I haven't thought about some of the items I shared in the interview in quite a long time. Back in 2019 I took on a self-directed residency to push myself to paint at a larger scale. It was quite a thing for me to accomplish and I eventually finished 5, 4 foot square paintings. The best thing to come from the experience was my new-found love of painting large. The challenge - then and now - remains with how to store and manage larger scale works. My studio space is limited and my car can only accommodate smaller size canvas'. So to move the works, I need to rent a truck and to store them I need extra space.

This is always the challenge for productive artists. What do you do with all your work?! I don't create this work to sit in my studio - I want it to be out in the world and experienced by others. That is the whole goal of my making art - for others to feel good when they look at a piece. Or at least to "feel" something!

It was fun to remember this important time in my artistic journey. Thank you Steph Routh for pointing Canvas Rebel my way!

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